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Press-Fit PF46 Bottom Bracket

RRP £115.00 // €140.00 // $145.50 (ex tax)
Our press-fit bottom brackets feature high quality sealed cartridge bearings, providing a solution to the press-fit bottom bracket minefield. Available to fit 24mm and 30mm crank axles and to fit a wide range of BB shell widths/standards.

Key Features

// PF30 - 68mm, 73mm, 83mm and 100mm options 
// PF46 24mm - 68mm, 73mm and 83mm options
// BBright Press Fit - 79mm 
// 386 Evo - 86.5mm
// Available to fit 24mm and 30mm crank axles
// Available with replaceable stainless bearings greater durability
// Truvativ conversion kit available separately
// 28.99mm Conversion kits available for some 30mm BB's
// Cups pressed in and held in place by a screw-in centre tube to prevent slipping and play
// PF bottom brackets are designed to fit bikes with a threadless bottom bracket cup
// The bearing cups thread into a centre tube to give a very secure, safe fit
// Stainless steel cartridge bearings
// Available to fit 24mm and 30mm crank axles
// Available to fit a wide range of BB shell widths/standards
// Specific fitting tool required - purchased seperately
// Easy to service and replaceable parts
// Weight from: 112g
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