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Press-Fit PF41

24mm or 30mm Options
24mm: RRP £115.00 // €140.00 // $145.50 (ex tax)
30mm: RRP £90.00 // €113.00 // $114.00 (ex tax)
Simple, durable and light high quality stainless bottom brackets solution for 24mm or 30mm crank axles.
24mm fits BB92, BB89.5, BB86.5 and 100mm bottom bracket width for Fat bikes.
30mm fits 89.5, 92, 104.5, 107 and 121mm widths.

New for 2024: PF41 30mm updated with a custom designed, and Swiss manufactured bearing that allows us to offer a full bottom bracket assembly with fully sealed internal centre tube and external bearing shields.

Key Features

// 24mm or 30mm axle options
// High quality stainless bearings
// designed to fit Press fit 41mm threadless bottom bracket shells
// The bearing cups thread into a centre tube to give a very secure, safe fit (24mm axle version only)
// Suitable for Road, MTB and Fatbikes
// 24mm crank axle versions available to suit BB92, BB89.5, BB86.5 and 100mm bottom bracket width for Fat bikes
// 30mm crank axle versions available to suit 89.5, 92, 104.5, 107 and 121mm bottom bracket widths
// Truvativ conversion kit available separately
// Fully sealed internal spacer tube
// Easy to service and replaceable parts
// 24mm Weight 112g | 30mm Weight 77g
// Specific fitting tool required - purchased seperately
// 30mm: High quality, custom designed, Swiss made stainless bearings
// 30mm: External bearing shields
// Includes convertors to suit 29mm crank axles

Manuals and Diagrams

// PF41 & PF42 Compatibility Chart
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