Press-Fit PF41 Bottom Bracket

Our press-fit bottom brackets feature high quality sealed cartridge bearings, providing a solution to the press-fit bottom bracket minefield

Key Features

  • PF bottom brackets are designed to fit bikes with a threadless bottom bracket cup
  • The bearing cups thread into a centre tube to give a very secure, safe fit (24mm axle version only)
  • Stainless steel cartridge bearings
  • Ability to convert the bottom bracket to fit Truvativ GXP cranks with a simple shim adaptor
  • Specific fitting tool required - purchased seperately
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"Secure mounting pressfit bottom brackets"
Press-Fit PF41 Bottom Bracket Tech Specs >
  • Options to suit either 24mm or 30mm crank axles
  • 24mm crank axle versions available to suit BB92, BB89.5, BB86.5 and 100mm bottom bracket width for Fat bikes
  • 30mm crank axle version available to suit 89.5, 92, 104.5, 107 and 121mm bottom bracket widths
  • Available with replaceable stainless steel bearings for less friction and greater durability
  • Truvativ conversion kit available separately
  • Cups pressed in and held in place by a screw-in centre tube to prevent slipping and play ***note: No centre tube on 30mm axle option***
  • Easy to service and replaceable parts
  • Weight from: 112g
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