// Lights and Battery Returns

NOTE. Before sending any Hope lights or batteries in to us for service or warranty reasons, please read the following instructions...

For safety reasons we cannot accept batteries that are damaged, DO NOT SEND THEM.

This includes damage to the cable or any other part of the battery pack. For more information on this please email SERVICE@HOPETECH.COM.

Faults caused by accidental damage and/or neglect are not covered by warranty.

When sending a battery, it MUST be accompanied with the light unit it is used with, this helps us to diagnose any issues as well as being a requirement with some postal services.

The battery lead connector cover that was originally provided must be fitted over the cable terminal. If this has been lost or is unavailable, then please tape up the cable terminal neatly with insulation tape.

Please pack lights and batteries securely, in the original box or in suitably robust packaging. It is the sender’s responsibility to ensure that lithium-ion batteries are packaged in accordance with the local regulations of the shipper/courier.

Once you have read the above and would like to send a light and battery in to us, please use the form below.

If you have any further questions about sending lights, please email SERVICE@HOPETECH.COM