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// Light and Battery Service/Warranty

If you have a performance or technical issue with your Hope cycle lighting system, please read the following information before packing and sending anything back to either your retailer or Hope Technology.

Due to changes in transport regulations concerning the shipping and handling of lithium batteries, we have reviewed our procedure for dealing with service and warranty claims.


All Hope lighting systems and their components are covered by a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Any malfunction identified as a result of improper use, abuse, accidental damage or modification will invalidate this warranty. Any attempt to disassemble an item will also invalidate the warranty and repair work will be charged for.
Original proof of purchase is required for any warranty claim and you must be the original owner.

Please take some time to read the FAQ section below to diagnose the fault before contacting your retailer or Hope Technology. Many issues can be resolved by some quick and easy checks to determine which component is faulty – lamp unit, battery unit, charger or cable. It is very helpful if the fault can be identified as being with the lamp unit or battery pack as this determines the most suitable method of shipping the unit back to us.

Light and Battery FAQ's

  • What’s the correct method of charging my battery unit?
    First, connect the cable on your battery unit to the cable on the charger. Then plug your charger into a mains power outlet. If your battery pack charge level is lower than around 90% the LED on the charger will illuminate red which means the charging process is active.
  • Should I charge my battery unit before I use my light for the first time?
    Yes, the battery pack is shipped with the charge condition around 30% so it is very important that the battery is fully charged before first use.
  • My battery won’t charge. What should I do?
    There could be a few reasons for this. First, check that the charger is operating normally. The LED indicator on the charger should illuminate green when connected to the mains outlet without a battery being connected. If the LED does not illuminate, the charger is faulty. In this case, please get in touch with your dealer or Hope Technology service/warranty.
    If the charger appears to be working but the battery is not accepting charge, check that there is a good connection between the battery connector and the charger connector by rotating the two mating connectors. This sometimes just helps to establish a good connection and the charger LED indicator turns red to indicate that charging is in progress. If the LED on the charger remains green, it could mean that the battery protection circuit has been activated. It’s worth just leaving the battery connected to the charger for at least an hour, or even overnight, to give the battery protection chance to re-activate. The battery may then charge normally and return to full working order. If you’ve tried everything above and it still won’t charge, there must be a fault with the battery unit or an intermittent connection within the cable. In this case, get in touch with your dealer or Hope Technology service/warranty.
  • When I connect my battery unit to my Hope light and press the power button nothing happens.
    First, check that your battery unit is fully (or at least partially) charged – see the correct method of charging the battery (above). If it is and the lamp still doesn’t work, check for any visible signs of damage to either the lamp unit or battery pack which may have caused the problem. If there’s no visible damage, then try to identify if the fault lies with the lamp unit or battery pack. If you can isolate the fault to either the lamp unit or battery pack, then it helps to determine the most appropriate method of returning the item(s).
  • The connectors of the lamp unit and battery pack are a tight fit or difficult to connect/disconnect.
    This can be easily resolved by applying a small amount of silicone lubricant to the outside surface of the battery connector. Just a very small amount is needed. This will make the connection and disconnection much easier.
  • The battery life is shorter now than it was when it was new.
    The simple fact is that lithium batteries start to degrade as soon as they are manufactured. They will not suddenly stop working as a result of capacity degradation, but their capacity will reduce slowly over a period of time. The rate of deterioration will be influenced by various factors, including the frequency of charge/discharge cycles, the operating temperature, storage temperature/conditions, etc. If your battery is more than 2 or 3 years old and you think that the burn time is getting too short, then it’s probably time to purchase a new battery.
  • How should I store my battery unit during the summer months, while not in use?
    The storage conditions can have a big influence on the lifespan of your lithium ion battery. The best way to store it is between 50-60% charge condition in a cool and dry location. Ideally, the temperature should be lower than 20C – the cooler, the better - so a cupboard in a garage is ideal, but only if it is dry. Never leave it for more than two months without checking the charge level. If you are not using it for more than two months, then it should be put back on charge to top it up to 50-60%. Never drain your battery and then store it for a long period of time as this will almost certainly damage the battery beyond repair. All batteries self-discharge very slowly over time so if they are stored in a discharged condition then they could go into a state of deep discharge which will damage them irreversibly.
  • Postage costs
    As a first resort, you should contact your retailer to report any faults. Faulty items returned to Hope Technology through your dealer will be at the expense of the dealer. However, if you choose to return your item(s) to Hope Technology directly, the postage cost will be payable by you.
  • Can I repair my light/battery/charger myself?
    No. Any attempt to disassemble any item will automatically invalidate the warranty and repair work will be charged for.
  • Which Hope lights can be repaired?
    As of summer 2020, all the current range of lights can be repaired under the terms of the warranty. This includes R8+, R4+, R2, R2i, District+ and all ES battery packs (with fuel gauge).We do still have replacement parts for the R8 Mk 1, 1 LED Mk 2 and 1 LED Adventure Mk 2 but any repair work will be carried out at the discretion of Hope Technology as these models are over two years old. Unfortunately, due to stock levels of some components being fully exhausted, we are no longer able to offer any repair work on the following models: R4 Mk 1, R1, District rear light Mk 1, Vision 4, Vision 2 Mk 1 and Mk 2, 1 LED Mk 1, 1 LED Adventure Mk 1, HID Mk 1 and Mk 2 and any battery pack without a fuel gauge. Please do not send any of these models back to us, as they will not be repaired.

If you cannot find a solution to the problem by reading the FAQs above and you still need to send your product back to us, then please read the following to determine the most appropriate course of action:

Now that you have read the instructions above, wherever possible, return it to the retailer where it was purchased, and they will send it back to us. If that is not possible then contact Hope Technology service/warranty department at:

service@hopetech.com 01282 851400 and press option 3