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// Lights & Battery Returns

Please note: For safety reasons, we have introduced specific guidance covering packing and sending batteries and lights to us.

Before returning any Hope lighting system please ensure you have read and understood all the information relating to our policy on warranty and service of Hope cycle lights.
Any lights or batteries sent back to us without adhering to our policy will be returned or disposed of in accordance with our guidelines.

Click the Lights and Battery Returns link below to read the specific instructions and to obtain a Lights Return Form.

// Warranty & Service Returns

If you wish to return a part to us for warranty or service, please print out the appropriate form below and return it with your product.

Service Forms

Please note.

We no longer service Sport and Pro model brakes (including XC4) and Mono 6 Ti brakes (Ti pistons only). Some spares are still available for these brakes, so please check with your local dealer or preferred supplier before pulling them in bits yourself! We do have a lot of spares for almost everything we've ever done, but at some point we just have to say no!

Also, please check via email before sending older hubs or wheels back (Bulb, Big un's and XC) for replacement ratchets. For ANY wheel coming back - we don't need the tyre and it would be nice if it was at least a little bit clean! Thanks...

If you have a warranty, servicing or technical question please get in touch using the number or email below . If you are outside the UK it is best to try contacting your local distributor first. Please only send your question or request to one email address.

01282 851400 and press 2 service@hopetech.com

// Credit Or Exchange Returns

For dealer use only.

Returns Forms

If you wish to return a part to us for credit or exchange, please print out the form above and return it with your product.

Items being returned for alternative replacement, where an incorrect order has been placed, will be accepted up to 4 weeks from date of invoice. After that date, items will not be accepted for re stocking.

Items being returned for credit when item is not required, will be accepted up to 4 weeks from date of invoice, as long as they are in resalable condition. After that date items will not be accepted for re stocking.

All packages returned for credit or exchange must be clearly marked with a valid returns number, this is available by getting in touch with our sales team via the number or email below.

01282 851400 and press 2 info@hopetech.com