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Superboost Rear 157mm
6 Bolt
RRP £230.00 // €290.00 // $290.84 (ex tax)
Building on Hope’s 30+ years of manufacturing hubs, the Pro 5 is the combination of all of our experience into a product to meet and exceed the demands of current and future bike technology.

Key Features

>> Improved sealing to stop dirt ingress and to reduce drag 
>> New Labyrinth seal has zero drag for incredible freewheeling performance 
>> New Pawls/Springs design to increase longevity, load capacity & a reduction of drag. 
>> Increased engagement from 44 to 108 with a new offset 6 pawl freehub design 
>> Wire cut pawls from high strength steel for maximum strength. 
>> New step down axle design for a stiffer more durable freehub 
>> New hub body profile for increased stiffness without adding weight 
>> Ebike Specific hub designed for the demands of ebikes 
>> Fully serviceable and rebuildable with simple tools 
>> Available in 28, 32 and 36 hole drillings 
>> Available with all modern freehub bodies 
>> End spacers can be easily swapped to suit different frame and axle standards 
>> 6 bolt only
>> Available in Black, Silver, Bronze, Red, Blue, Orange & Purple


"Once on top of how quickly my input was being translated into output, my usual technical climb seemed to flow more and moves that I had previously over complicated became simpler. Amazing the difference a few nanoseconds can make." 

"You are still getting an incredible hub that was made by people as passionate about bikes as you, for a price that beats much of the competition."
Fanatik Bike

"If you take care to properly center your brake rotors, the rear wheel just wants to continue spinning for what feels like forever on the bike stand. Hope’s work on reducing drag has certainly paid off here"

Manuals and Diagrams

// Exploded Diagrams
// Conversion Chart
// PCD Chart J-Bend
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