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XCR Pro X2

Post Mount: RRP £200.00 // €250.00 // $253.00 (ex tax)
Flamount: RRP £200.00 // €250.00 // $253.00 (ex tax)
The XCR Pro lever is the ultimate in lightweight design. With a Carbon lever blade and titanium hardware, combined with an XCR X2 caliper you have the benchmark lightweight brake

Key Features

// Lightweight minimalist design
// Carbon blade and titanium hardware
// Lever reach adjustment
// Hinge clamp for easy installation
// CNC Machined from high grade forged aluminium billet
// 10% Power increase over Race Evo lever
// Postmount and Flatmount Caliper Options available
// Crimped hose design on caliper
// Rigid CNC'd one piece caliper
// Lightweight aluminium backed pads
// Compatible with all current Tech 3 shifter mounts
// Available in Black, Silver, Bronze, Red, Blue, Orange & Purple
// Available with black hose only
// Weight from 199g
// Maximum Rotor thickness for X2 caliper 2.3mm
Flatmount Caliper Mount options:
Mount Z: Required to fit the X2 FM caliper onto Front Flatmount standard and use a Ø160 disc – Front Flatmount standard is typically found on road/gravel/CX forks
Mount Y: Required to fit the X2 FM caliper onto Rear Flatmount standard using Ø160 disc – Rear Flatmount std is typically found on the back of some road/grave/CX frame but also lately on light XC frames
The caliper will also fit directly on Flatmount rear standard using a Ø140 disc. For more information please see our guides in the manuals and diagrams section.
**Note** - The Flatmount X2 caliper is designed for use with the Hope Tech 3, XCR Pro and Tech/Tech Evo levers only.
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