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Braided hose - RRP £225.00 // €285.00 // $285.00 (ex tax)
Black hose - RRP £215.00// €270.00 // $272.00 (ex tax)
The Tech 4 E4 builds on our 25+ years’ experience designing and manufacturing hydraulic brake systems. The Tech 4 uses all new internal sealing for reduced friction and the pivot spins on roller bearings, allowing the spring rate to be reduced. The lower spring rate in turn gives a lighter lever action, reducing rider fatigue and keeping our legendary feel and modulation.

The updated E4 caliper utilises hybrid style Stainless steel pistons with a phenolic insert allowing for smoother movement and less maintenance, while still able to manage high temperatures without heat transfer during extreme use.

Key Features

// Increased power versus Tech 3
// Lever shape updated to provide a more ergonomic shape orientated to provide the best mechanical advantage during braking.
// Hinged clamp reducing weight and to improve ergonomics
// Tool free bite point and reach adjustments
// Hybrid piston design
// Rigid CNC'd one piece caliper
// Compatible with a wider range of current shifter options
// Complete brake available in Black or Silver with colour accent options of; Black, silver, purple, red, blue, or orange.
// Choose either standard or braided hose (braided hose is an extra cost)
// 30% pressure increase compared with the Tech 3 brake
// Reservoir area increased to lower overall stack height.
// Shifter integration has been improved and now offers 30° of angle adjustment as well as neater packaging and compatibility with the latest shifters. Lateral adjustment on both sides of the master // cylinder is also possible to give a wide range of lever position options.
// Hybrid-style pistons that allow smoother movement and require less maintenance, and a phenolic insert to manage heat transfer during extreme use.
// The Tech 4 retains the tool-free bite point and reach adjustments from the Tech 3
// All Tech 4 brakes are supplied with new racing compound pads. For more information on all our pad compounds see the new pad guide here.
// Maxium Rotor thickness for E4 caliper 2.3mm
// Available in Black, Silver, Bronze, Red, Blue, Orange & Purple


"These brakes are extremely impressive and are unmatched in the lever feel and modulation department… Their impressive machining, reliability, and superior performance make them my top pick for MTB brakes."

"Hats off to Hope; these new Tech 4s are rock solid with a superbly smooth feel and have become my new number one brake of choice."

"Their power rivals other premium stoppers and they have proved to be a reliable brake option with excellent modulation."

"Awesome power with fantastic modulation and a new, lighter lever feel that makes it the worthy recipient of our Product of the Year award for 2022."

"I could rave on, but in short, these are the best brakes I have used to date."

"The Hope Tech 4 E4 brakes might seem like a funny middle child in the Hope Brake lineup, between the 2-piston offerings and their strongest V4 model, but I think the mix of modulation and stop power is ideal for most all-mountain usage."

"It provides plenty of braking confidence in any scenario, regardless of the weather."
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