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Centrelock Fitment // 1.8mm Thick
140mm, 160mm, 180mm 
RRP £80.00 // €100.00 // $101.16 (ex tax)
200mm, 203mm, 220mm 
RRP £85.00 // €107.50 // $107.49 (ex tax)
Our high performance option for demanding applications. Constructed in two parts, an aluminium centre and stainless steel braking surface.

Key Features

// Constructed in two parts, aluminium centre and stainless steel braking surface.
// High performance disc, allowing the stainless steel outer to expand separately
from the centre and handle high temperatures without warping.
// Hope floating rotors have a true floating design which allows 1 degree of freedom.
This means the outer is always free to expand when subjected to heat.
// Lightweight design.
// Aluminium centre acts as heat sink keeping disc temperatures lower.
// CNC machined centre is stiff and lightweight so has the advantages
of a thicker fixed disc without the weight penalty.
// Centrelock fitment
// Available in: Ø140, Ø160, Ø180, Ø200, Ø203 and Ø220mm sizes.
// Centres available in: black, silver, bronze, red, blue, purple and orange
// Weight 180mm: 146g

Manuals and Diagrams

// Rotor Tech Book ENG
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