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3.3mm Thickness // 6 bolt
203mm, 220mm
RRP £130.00 // €162.50 // $164.36 (ex tax)
Designed specifically for our V4 brakes. The Vented Rotor is highest performing disc for the harshest operating conditions. The outer is constructed from three pieces to create a gap between the external braking surfaces to help reduce heat build up. 

Key Features

// The vented rotor is designed specifically for our V4 brakes.
// Highest performing disc, for the harshest operating conditions.
// Outer is constructed from three pieces to create a gap between the external braking surfaces.
// The rotor uses internal fins to allow the air to flow between the two friction parts,
the induced air flow significantly reduces heat build up in the rotor.
// Fantastic and consistent braking performance in wet conditions thanks to its capability to clear the water layer through its fins.
// Dyno tests show up to 15% less heat build upcompared to our floating rotors.
// Vented outer is joined to aluminium centre allowing 1 of freedom in a true floating design.
// Available in: Ø203 and Ø220mm sizes in a 6 Bolt fitment.
// 3.3mm Thick
// Available in black, silver, bronze, red, blue, purple & orange
// Weight 203mm: 288g

Manuals and Diagrams

// Rotor Tech Book ENG
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