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Meet the HB Dealer: The Break Pad


Our Dealer network covers the length and breadth of the UK. It's been carefully selected to include independent bike shop, to help sell our HB's (as well as our components.) So, we started a series called 'Meet the HB Dealer' where we find out more about them.

1) Tell us about youselves, what's the name of your shop and where are you based?

The Breakpad Bike shop – we are based at Kirroughtree Visitor Centre, which is part of the 7 Stanes Mountain bike trail network in SW Scotland

2) Who's on your team?

Staff – Theres me, boss lady; Sam hill, Rickster, Jimbo, Gordo, Ross, Dougie, Eileen and Sof.

Team, We all try and enter races where we can, but Katy Kaos McGowan is our young super star, she’s racing endure at the young age of 12!
Josh Hurley, hes a local legend, fast enduro rider too.

3) What got you into the bike trade and how long have you been going?

OOOooooo…. Trained as a PE teacher, got into coaching mountain biking at school, started riding down in the Peaks, loved it and wanted to make it my job… and now I’m here, 13yrs on! Love it!

4) Where, locally, would you recommend customers go to test the HB.130? What's on your doorstep?

Trails are right on our doorstep, literally at the door! We have a blue, Red and Black trail centre trail as man off‐piste appetisers. We hold one of the rounds of the Hope PMBA Enduro, so theres loads of trail options.

5) When did you start selling Hope Components?

About…10yrs ago…. I think. When did I first ride them? 2003? Hope minis??

6) What's your favourite?

I love the BB, the way the PF actually screws in to secure the cups either side. But now it has to be the HB130!

7) What made you want to become a Hope HB Dealer?

Love the fact that the frame is manufactured entirely in the UK, want to support a UK manufacturing company in the small way that we can. Went to chat to Doddy at the Ard Rock, and demo-ed a bike….

8) Why should people buy a HB's?

A number of reasons, mostly for my above reasons. The proof is in the riding, and it rides really well!

9) What sets it apart from the competition?

Turnaround at the moment, the fact that the frame is manufactured in the UK, the choices of components and colours. Built for UK riding conditions too.

10) How should customers get in touch with you?

We will have the demo bike on our website, and they can book a demo through the site www.thebreakpad.com