Burning torrents made foundations cast,
Too bright to view ; hot to touch
They’ve overlooked the passing of time,
Immortalised by maps, we ride the dotted line.
The sky is falling ; The rivers rising
Lapsing of time, sees a carving line,
Valley to valley, beginning to end,
Crossing of water is onward journey’s friend

Our faces tight, eyes wide shut,
Gale upon gale, winds of change,
We braced, one step by one,
This land weathers, age after age.
Now before us, now beneath us,
Surrounds us, teases us,
Greens, reds and the deepest of blacks
The crunching of gravel steep through flat,
Vaster than vast,
Onlookers adored, taken aback,
Heights to behold and stories to be told,
This is a telling, a fable for old,

Elements is the latest short presented to you by Hope Technology. Three friends set off into the depths of Iceland exploring the finest gravel the country has to offer.

Filmed by Sam Needham and William Evans

Supported by IceBike, Iceland

Music: ‘Falling Awake’ Shrlok featuring Theo

Images by Roo Fowler