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// Downhill Rider1
  • Downhill Rider1

Need hardcoded translation for DE

Downhill Rider1

1. Describe yourself in three words.

Only need 2 words, Chief Mincer

2. What makes you angry?


3. If you could have any super power, what and why?

I’d have copycat super power there is so much stuff I wish I could do on a bike it would just be awesome to watch someone and then do it off the cuff.

4. Describe your riding style.

Bit loose, bit trials ridy, not really sure to be honest its not pretty though I know that much.

5. Your hero?

Probably my dad, he’s done so much and is still racing at 52, he’s been a great role model and all that.

6. Favourite riding location and why?

I’d have to say Whistler, I’ve ridden in in a lot of places but nothing comes close the the variety and quality of trails there its just mtb heaven

7. Perfect day?

Start with a full English brekie sets you up right for day, then out on motorbike Trials bikes for a few hours in the morning, ham and cheese butty for lunch then a big old mountain bike loop in the afternoon in the dales or the lakes. Then back home for some tea, bit of cottage pie and a big Grey’s Anatomy session on sofa.

8. If you could be anyone, who and why?

I’d be Travis Rice, I love snowboarding and don’t get chance to ride much and he’s pretty much the best there is on a board also his lifestyle is pretty awesome too lets be honest.

9. Hobbies outside of riding?

Snowboarding, motorbike trials can’t think of much else really

10. Goals for 2014/2015…

Main goal is to finish the Scott Trial (unfinished business) but also finish the SSDT and to improve in the EWS’s and try and get a few good results.



// Enduro rider
  • Enduro rider

Need hardcoded translation for DE

Enduro rider



// XC rider
  • XC rider

Need hardcoded translation for DE

XC rider



// CX rider
  • CX rider

Need hardcoded translation for DE

CX rider



// Other rider
  • Other rider

Need hardcoded translation for DE

Other rider