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Seat Clamp - Dropper

RRP £33.00 // €40.00 // $42.00 (ex tax)
Dependable seat clamps available in different clamp diameters and an ergonomic design, featuring an ingenious ball mounted guide to prevent kinked control cables. 

Key Features

// Built in cable guide system
// New spherical seated fastener system
// Available in sizes: Ø34.9mm & Ø36.4mm
// Fully CNC’d components.
// Built in cable guide system.
// Fully customizable position.
// Aluminium and stainless steel hardware.
// New spherical seated fastener system.
// // Available in black, silver, bronze, red, blue, purple and orange
// Weight: 35 grams (based on Ø34.9mm version including hardware).

Manuals and Diagrams

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