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25 Years of Hope Parts. 2.5 Years a Hope Ambassador



In the 90's, I started mountain biking to free my mind when studying mathematics.

My first few bikes were a bit wild: without suspension, disc brakes, usable geometry and any fancy parts.  So, my first 'proper‘ bike was a brightly coloured Giant MCM Team called ‚the parrot‘. This was something different. It had a cool fork from RST, hydraulic disc brakes (the original Hope C2) and some nice Hope Titanium Hubs. 


The start of my long life love of Hope.
In the early days it wasn’t unusual that parts were fell off, and having some cool anodized bling was more important than proper functionality... 
But thats where the Hope parts took a different way. The disc brakes actually worked, I had no problems with the hubs and the QR Skewer are still going strong on my Dirtbike today. 

I changed my bikes but I kept and upgraded any Hope Parts. 

I think I may have had nearly any brake Hope have manufactured.

From the Original C2, some Minis and Mono Minis, Moto V2, jumped on the Tech-Lever and now loving the new Tech 4. 
Hope Hubs kept my wheelsets running, the R4 enabled the first real Night rides and the Eternity was my seatpost before Dropper Posts became the standard. The Hope pressfit bottom bracket (with the screw-in centre tube) cured some creaky BB's. 

I had the chance to get on the Hope Ambassador Program.

My riding buddies (which are also running mostly Hope parts) weren‘t too surprised to see my going for it. It's been a great opportunity to meet interesting and cool people from all over Europe, as well as being able to visit the factory in Barnoldswick and meet the people behind the products. Luckily, the journey hasn't come to an end, and I'm really happy to continue my work for Hope as an Official Ambassador. 


Words & Pictures: Olaf Bolting