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Cycling & bikes are key to a more sustainable lifestyle, but the industry faces a challenge to work in a more environmentally way. It is something we have discussed for a few years but have never outlined what we’re doing, which is something we’re changing.  

This page will help communicate everything we're doing to become more sustainable – expect regular updates and any suggestions welcome.


Virtually everything we do is developed, prototyped, machined, anodised and assembled on site, meaning our products save on transport miles from factory to factory.
Everything under one roof. 

Cost effective manufacturing has always been at the heart of the business. We use as much of the raw material as possible: Wasted material is wasted money. (this includes the carbon fibre used on our HB's)

100% of our metallic waste is recycled: meaning all swarf, spare bits and mistakes are sent off to be recycled, again it's something that makes financial sense to us but is also good for the environment.

Not only this, we have a filter system for our machine coolant to enable us to continually recycle the liquid.

100% of our paper and cardboard is recycled.

The moulds for all our HB's have been machined on site, meaning it's not only very cost-effective, we get the most of out of them.  

Everything we do is made to last, tested to destruction in foul conditions, with durability and serviceability at heart.
We regularly hear from people using our hubs from 10 years ago or more.
Our warranty & service department has decades of experience, we stock spares for most of our products going back many years.

We can service or repair most things within reason. (We even carry spares for a lot of products we no longer make.)

We also keep a wealth of product info on our website, including tech docshow to videos & much more.
Around 4 years ago we committed to removing plastic from any new product packaging.
We are also working through our existing product packaging to remove plastic from these, as well as this all our boxes are recycleable and the ink used in the printing is vegetable based.

Our packaging supplier (Boxes & Packaging) has been awarded with the ISO 14001 accreditation, as their packaging comes from at least 90% of recycled fibres, and any new material comes from certified sustainable softwood forests.  

All the packaging for our HB's is 100% plastic free and has been since we started.

Upcoming Changes:

To make our packaging easier to recycle, we are in the process of implementing the use of biodegradeable paper tape across all cartons.
We are working on the packaging solution for bulk ordering (mainly for workshops) who don't need the packaging for display, especially on the spare parts.

Plastic free alternatives are being tested to use instead of our plastic pouches. In the meantime we recommend reusing as much as possible. Could be for spare parts, odds and sods or even as sandwich bags (it's been done)

We are, and have been involved in number of local trail building projects and adovcate cycling wherever possible. 

Most of our employees live locally, meaning most people's commutes are by bike or foot.

We now have a 160kW solar panel installation on our factory roof, with additional units planned on a new building due to complete early next year.

Factory lighting was swapped to LED's several years ago.

We're currently installing an air source heat pump system to capture heat generated from the factory and use this to heat the assembly rooms and offices.

Every member of staff is given a 'staff bike' after 6 months of working here.

Company bike rides are a key part of our culture. Every month we get everyone together to ride from the Factory.