Hope Tech XC – Pro 4

Straight pull and conventional spoked lightweight XC wheels built with our own Tech XC rim and bulletproof Pro 4 hubs

Key Features

  • Wheels machine built and hand finished in Barnoldswick
  • Built with Pro 4 32h hubs in either straight pull or standard spokes
  • Hope Tech XC rim offers one of the stiffest XC rims available
  • Tubeless compatible (requires tape and valves)
  • Available in 26", 27.5" and 29"
  • 100m and 110mm boost complete Front wheel options available
  • 135/142mm, 148mm Boost and Single Speed complete rear wheel options available
  • Shimano, Sram XD and Hope freehub body options available for rear wheel
more info
"XC rim designed and tested by Hope"
Hope Tech XC - Pro 4 Tech Specs >
  • Welded and eyeleted 6061 T6 Aluminum rim
  • Black Sapim Race/Sprint stainless steel double butted spokes built with silver Brass nipples
  • Front wheels supplied with QR and 15mm conversions
  • Rear wheels supplied with 135 x QR and 142 x 12mm conversions
  • Boost 110mm & 148mm option built with boost specifc hub
  • Rear Single Speed option built on J-bend spokes only
  • Pro 4 32h hubs with stainless steel sealed cartride bearings
  • 4 Pawl ratchet system with 44 tooth engagement (8.2 deg)
  • Rim Width: 19.5mm internal / 24mm external
  • Rim ERD: 26"- 542mm // 27.5"- 567mm // 29"- 605mm
  • Rim Weights: 26"- 358g // 27.5"- 375g // 29"- 395g
  • Complete standard wheel weights: 26"- F 760g R 890g // 27.5"- F 793g R 916g // 29" - F 807g R 932g
  • Complete straight pull wheel weights: 26"- F 765g R 890g // 27.5"- F 800g R 930g // 29"- F 825g R 950g
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