AM/Freeride Stem

Our AM/freeride stem is light, stiff and available in 35, 50 and 70mm lengths with different rise and colour options

Key Features

  • CNC machined from 2014 T6 aluminium
  • Designed for oversized 31.8mm bars
  • Lengths- 35, 50 & 70mm
  • Available in two rises - 0 or 20 degree ( 20 degree rise option only available with 50 & 70mm stems)
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"AM/freeride stem that is light and stiff"
AM/Freeride Stem Tech Specs >
  • All stems are CNC machined from a solid billet of 2014 T6 aluminium
  • The AM stem range has been redesigned with more material taken out to save weight and also features a new front plate design
  • Opposing steerer clamp bolts remain to give exceptionally rigid steering characteristics
  • Optimum machining to give lightest weight without compromising stiffness
  • Available in: black, silver, red, blue, purple and orange
  • Weight from: 134g
Manuals and Instructions >
live1088PPG198_150150AM/Freeride StemStemsCPG198198/products/controls/stems/am-freeride-stem/21.11.2018Our AM/freeride stem is light, stiff and available in 35, 50 and 70mm lengths with different rise and colour options198Stems180Controls122NitorDynamicSite/_repository/1/images//_repository/1/flashs//_repository/1/videos//_repository/1/documents//_repository/1/ftpUploads//_repository/1/sitePages//_repository/1/productImages//_repository/1/skins//_repository/1/custom/_~/ndscripts<script src="/ndscripts" ></script>~/ndstyles<link href="/ndstyles" rel="stylesheet"/>11PPG198_150011111110<span class="selected">1</span>130332-23Available In 6 colours19.02.2018six_colours-587x692.jpg12PPG198_150022111210<span class="selected">1</span>1102-23-23AM/Freeride Stem - slider 121.11.2018AM/Freeride Stem - slider 1ROO65551-1400x480.jpg1982103-23-23AM/Freeride Stem - slider 221.11.2018AM/Freeride Stem - slider 2ROO6533-1400x480.jpg1981PPG198_150011111110<span class="selected">1</span>159263-232014 AM Stem Instruction Manual2014-AM-Stem-Instructions-03-1.pdf26.11.20180.144.180.1980.253.258.4120.253.258.418198412418144021CPG1441-23-23View