Hope by BioRacer – Short Sleeve Jersey

Hope by BioRacer short sleeve Quadri jersey - light, comfortable and breathable for long days in the saddle

Key Features

  • The Quadri jersey is light- just 100g!
  • Uses a combination of Cool Light and Airtex fabric
  • Finished with three rear pockets and a long lockable zipper
  • Finished with a custom Hope design
  • Available in: S, M, L, XL
  • Suitable for road, XC and trail riding
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"Light, comfortable and breathable"
  • Bioracer developed a lightweight jersey for the Olympic road and mountain bike races and World Championships – with success. Various Olympic medals and world titles have been won wearing the Quadri jersey – we’re not promising anything but here’s to Hope’ing!!
  • Hope Quadri short sleeve jersey is light- just 100g, 70% lighter than a normal cycling jersey
  • Combines the lightness of Cool Light fabric with the durability of Airtex fabric. This mono-elastic fabric that is used has a positive effect on the perfect fit of the shirt:
  • Cool Light 100 fabric: micro-perforations create a larger breathable surface
  • Airtex: This fabric was developed by BioRacer. It keeps your body dry and gives a comfortable feeling during physical exertion.Additional benefits:Fast removal of bodily fluidIncreased air permeabilityAbsorbs little fluidExtra softness prevents irritation
  • Machine washable and quick drying
  • Offers resistance against mould and smells
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