Hope by BioRacer – Gilet

Hope by Bio-Racer Windblock gilet- tough, drizzle-proof wind protection, easily foldable

Key Features

  • Uses BioRacer's lightweight Windblock fabric
  • Easily foldable for back pocket storage
  • Water resistant
  • Finished with a custom Hope design
  • Available in: S, M, L, XL
  • Suitable for road, XC and trail riding
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"Drizzle-proof wind protection"

Gilet’s are becoming an increasingly popular extra bit of kit for both road cyclists and mountain bikers, giving you that essential extra bit of warmth when a jacket is too much.

  • Manufactured from highly insulating, stretchable and breathing Windblock fabric
  • This elastic fabric blocks wind, is 90% water-resistant and keeps the body temperature at a good level
  • Lightweight structure means the gilet can fold up into a tiny package and easily be included as extra clothing in the rear pocket of a sweater
  • Finished with a long lockable zip, with a flap behind the zip for extra insulation
  • Anatomically shaped body with extra side panels
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