Tech 3 Trial Zone

Trial Zone brake system has been designed & engineered to meet the demands of the worlds best trials riders

Key Features

  • Rigid CNC'd one piece caliper
  • Two huge 25mm aluminium pistons offer great power and stiffness
  • Lever features a split clamp for easy fitting
  • Designed specifically for trials riding
  • Designed to work with our Trial Zone rotors for optimum performance
  • Bite point control and reach adjustment
  • Available in 6 standard colours
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"Completely adjustable Trial anchor"
Tech 3 Trial Zone Tech Specs >
  • Tech 3 lever and caliper are CNC machined from a solid billet of 2014 T6 aircraft spec aluminium alloy, giving smooth, progressive feel and power
  • The Trial Zone master cylinder will deliver the right brake pressure to the caliper whilst keeping its solid and positive feel
  • Features a split clamp on lever for easy fitting
  • The Trial Zone brake is supplied with our standard custom black hose for high performance and low weight
  • The brake is finished with our durable black anodising and laser etched graphics
  • Trial Zone specific stainless steel rotors available in most sizes from 140mm to 205mm
  • Post mount, 9.74 caliper body, International Standard calipers also available
  • Top entry pad fitting
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