V-Twin Brake

More CX and road bikes are making the move to disc brakes. Neat and simple design to convert cable levers to hydraulic brakes

RRP £310.00 // €390.00 // $400.00 (ex tax)

Key Features

  • Supplied with our X2 or E4 calipers as standard
  • Rigid CNC'd one piece caliper
  • For use with STI levers, the V-Twin system converts them through into a hydraulic system
  • Neat under the stem bracket mounted system
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"Compact, neat solution to discs with drops"
V-Twin Brake Tech Specs >
  • As more and more CX and road bikes are now arriving with disc mounts fitted as standard, and with our continued participation in some of the UK's toughest cycle events, the remote master cylinder was an obvious choice of product for us to develop
  • The neat dual master cylinder fits onto a special bracket under the stem
  • Offers powerful brakes which dropbar bikes are usually lacking
  • Converts cable to a hydraulic system removing the need for an expensive shifter/brake upgrade
  • Shorter neater cable runs
  • Uses post mount, 9.74 caliper with adapters to suit all mount options
  • Top entry pad fitting
  • Finished with black anodizing for durability
  • Weight from: 395g (standard hose)