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Tech 3 X2 Flatmount

Our legendary X2 caliper is now available as a flat mount. Keeping our class leading brake future proofed. The X2 flat mount caliper mounts directly to the appropriate frame at the rear, or with the supplied mount for fitting to a fork. The X2 caliper is available separately for existing users who are upgrading their frame or as a complete brake with Tech 3 master cylinder.
Tech 3, X2 - Braided hose - RRP £165.00 // €205.00 // $210.00 (ex tax)
Tech 3, X2 - Black hose - RRP £155.00 // €195.00 // $195.00 (ex tax)

Key Features

  • Rigid CNC'd one piece caliper
  • Increased piston diameter
  • Smaller and lighter than a standard X2 caliper
  • Ergonomic design to fit around other handle bar items
  • The Tech 3 lever is directly compatible with Shimano I-Spec shifters
  • Complete brake available in Black, Purple, Red, Orange, Blue and Silver
  • Choose either standard or braided hose (braided hose is an extra cost)
more info
"Lightweight adjustable Flatmount XC brake"
  • The Tech 3 X2 brake takes the performance of the award winning Mini and sheds a few more precision grams without compromising on power and modulation
  • Tech 3 lever offers genuine bite point and reach adjustment without tools
  • CNC machined from 2014 T6 aluminium alloy
  • Wide angle hose connector mount
  • Top entry pad fitting
  • Shimano I-Spec A shifters can be fitted directly to lever body. Separate direct mounts also available for Shimano I Spec 2 & Sram shifters

Mount options:

Mount Z: Required to fit the X2 FM caliper onto Front Flatmount standard and use a Ø160 disc – Front Flatmount standard is typically found on road/gravel/CX forks

Mount Y: Required to fit the X2 FM caliper onto Rear Flatmount standard using Ø160 disc – Rear Flatmount std is typically found on the back of some road/grave/CX frame but also lately on light XC frames

The caliper will also fit directly on Flatmount rear standard using a Ø140 disc.
For more information please see our guides in the manuals and diagrams section.

**Note** - The Flatmount X2 caliper is designed for use with the Hope Tech 3 and Tech/Tech Evo levers only.