Press Fit 41 30mm bottom bracket

Simple, durable and light high quality stainless bottom bracket bearings.
RRP £55.00 // €70.00 // $70.00 (ex tax)

Key Features

  • 30mm axle compatable
  • High quality stainless bearings
  • designed to fit Press fit 41mm threadless bottom bracket shells
  • Suitable for Road, MTB and Fatbikes
more info
"High quality press fit 41mm bottom bracket bearing solution for 30mm crank axles"
Press Fit 41 30mm bottom bracket Tech Specs >
  • Fits 89.5, 92, 104.5, 107 and 121mm bottom bracket widths
  • Designed to suit cranks with a 30mm axle in a Press Fit 41mm bottom bracket shell
  • **NOTE**30mm PF41  bottom bracket does not use a threaded centre tube
  • Weight 77g