Bike Check – Custom Trek Session 99

Makken's Trek

Makken's Trek



Mads ‘Makken’ Haugen grew up in the small town of Vang, Norway. With not much else to keep him entertained he looked to bikes – he got pretty good! He now spends his time travelling the world riding big jumps and lines and filming with the likes of freeride legends Hope’s Nico Vink, Andreu and Lluis Lacondeguy, Nick Pescetto and many more. 






In 2013 Makken organised the widely received Hillybilly Huckfest which initiated a change in the freeride world. Many of the top riders are now moving away from competitions organised by the FMB to events with a more big mountain feel to them. This year has seen the emergence of the FEST series, with the first event hosted by Graham Agassiz at Kamloops, Canada in May. The edits from the FEST series have taken the web by storm, reaching almost 200,000 hits. Over the next few months the FEST series will return to Hillbilly Huckfest and visit events organised by Nico Vink and Kurt Sorge.


Makken has put together a short bike check edit showing what he will be riding:

Makken bike check 2014 from makken on Vimeo.







Bike check images:  Vegard Breie