Adam Brayton hits up the Andes Pacifico

Adam Brayton hits up the Andes Pacifico

In Deep | Adam Brayton Battles the Andes Pacifico

Hope’s Adam Brayton aka GastoFlat had an an usual request from Dirt Magazine at the beginning of this year – to go and race enduro in Chile… Not one to turn down a challenge Brayton headed out with Dirt to race the Andes Pacifico. Dirt captured Brayton’s adventure throughout the week, need less to say there are a few entertaining moments.


Here’s what Dirt have to say:

Cut Brayton in half and you will probably find he has DOT 5 blood and a carbon spine, he’s built from downhill. That said, he’s also a rider who relishes a challenge and someone that will swing a leg over anything with two wheels and give it hell.

This fact led Jones to dial the Kestrel and ask Brayton to fly out to Chile last month and take on the Andes Pacifico. The race is tough, grip is scarce and belting down narrow single track at warp speed throws some sections of the Mega Avalanche into a Borrower’s perspective.

Chile 2
Chile 6
Chile 7

We also took Aaron ‘Mono’ Bartlett to Chile to capture the whole thing from airport to finish line. Brayton was surprised, he’s a racer and when things don’t turn out exactly as planned the approach has to change. Crashing is a regular occurrence but some of the stages are sublime and a new respect for Enduro racing grows after each day.

Chile 5
Chile 1
Chile 8

The full edit is landing on Friday and you can read the full report in the mag out on the same day.



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