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Why are kids bikes so heavy?

We see one of the largest barriers to children taking up and more importantly enjoying cycling is the quality of the bikes they ride.

How can this be solved when they grow so quickly?

Well how about a quality bike that grows with your child?


Welcome to the Hope Academy….

Think bike rental, only different.

At Hope Academy, we believe every child should be able to enjoy riding the highest quality lightweight bikes that always fit.

There have been a couple of these schemes launched in the past year, but all still use very basic, heavy bikes. Being Hope, we’ve come at this a little differently. Using our lightweight durable components fitted to well made, quality frames, we’ve created bikes that kids will enjoy riding. In fact they might have better components than their parents. These are offered on a monthly rental basis starting with basic (well actually not quite so basic) push along’s at £5 per month, right through to small 26″ wheeled bikes for £29 per month. As your child grows we’ll have the next size available for them once they’re ready for it.

Alongside a range of bikes, we’re also organising several courses around the UK and online tutorials to improve children’s riding and maintenance skills. This will give them a sense of ownership so they can take care of their own bikes and grow to love cycling as much as we do.


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