Adam Brayton’s World’s Gambler

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Adam Brayton has had the season of his life. With a podium at the Fort William UCI World Cup back in June the Keswick Kestrel has been flying since, with more top ten World Cup finishes thrown in the bag. Its fair to say he’s a rider who is somewhat on the edge and in the past may have had a few wild moments….. We’ve always know it would come together for Brayton. As a small company we work closely with our riders and have a brilliant riding and working relationship with them. With Brayton we knew it was only a matter of time. Whether its the new Scott Gambler he’s riding, his training, the Hope components that have helped – who knows and who cares! He’s on fire and we couldn’t be more proud.

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Claimed by many to be the People’s Champ, Brayton is one rider who has time for everyone. Chatting to everyone in the pits, in the crowds, the factory and mostly on SnapChat!!!! For a rider like Brayton who literally lives and breathes riding, its in his blood, being selected for the World Champs really does mean the world. For us its quite refreshing to see a rider still excited and overwhelmed to be selected to represent Team GB and not taking such selection for granted. Adam Brayton:

“What more can I say, there isn’t much to say other than its the most meaningful moment in my career – added to the fact that we have the best looking bike in the pits!!! Words can’t describe how proud I am. We haven’t done bad considering we are one of the smallest teams in the pits. Hard work pays off.”

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When news of his World Champs selection broke, the factory was filled with excitement and an instant knowledge that we needed to do something special. If anyone can do custom – its Hope. Here it is:


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For a component spec see here.


All images: Rupert Fowler